At Archivista, we often get asked questions pertaining to cherished photographs that need 'a little help.' Below is a collection of such questions - we hope you are able to find the answer to your question here. If not, please don't hesitate to call or email us.

"I've lost the negative - can you copy this photograph?"

Of course. We can also reduce or enlarge the size, and copy in black & white, colour or sepia – all on premium quality archival paper.

"My photo is damaged – can you fix it?"

Yes! Creases, tears, holes, stains, scratches are no problem. We can also remove red-eye, pen-marks, mould – there's not much we can't fix.

"My colour photo is faded & discoloured. Can you bring the colour back?"

Yes - by enhancing the existing colour & contrast. Often however, the more suitable option is to convert your photo to a stunning black & white image.

"My framed photo is stuck to the glass. What can I do?"

Don't attempt to remove it! Let us examine it & determine the best course of action.

"Can you remove 'him' or 'her'?"

No problem. We can alter images, remove or recreate objects and backgrounds. Photos can be joined or separated, and images (or parts of) can be transferred between photos.

"I've heard that 'sticky plastic' albums can damage my photographs ? Is this true?"

Absolutely. The toxic environment of such albums has a serious detrimental effect on photographs. We have solutions for this situation – just ask us.

"Now that I use a digital camera, all my photos are stored on the computer. Should I bother having any printed?"

Definitely. Digital files can be lost or corrupted. Even CDs deteriorate rapidly, making data stored irretrievable. Ensure your images' longevity by having them professionally printed by us, on quality archival paper.

"I live in Invercargill. Can you fix my photos?"

Yes - we use registered couriers daily. Contact us for further details.